Review of State Policies and Programs to Support Young People Transitioning Out of Foster Care

Dworsky, A.,
Havlicek, J.
Paper/Research Report
Year Published: 2009
Chapin Hall
Chapin Hall

This 73-page report is a review of state policies and programs designed to support youth transitioning out of foster care. The authors cover policies and programs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As part of the review, researchers administered a web-based survey of state independent living services coordinators to collect up-to-date information about their state?s policies and programs. The survey questions cover a number of domains including: conditions under which foster youth can remain in care after turning 18; provision of independent living and transition services; opportunities for youth to reenter care; and use of state dollars to supplement federal funds from the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program. The researchers also reviewed a number of online resources including state independent living program websites, the National Child Welfare Resource Center for Youth Development?s State-by-State Fact Pages, and the Transition from Foster Care to Adulthood Wiki. Modified Author Abstract.

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