National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Research-Based Recommendations to Improve Child Nutrition in Schools and Out-Of-School Time Programs

Wandner, L. D.,
Hair, E.
Year Published: 2009
Research-to-Result Brief
Child Trends
Child Trends

The authors of this six-page brief discuss aspects of healthy diets for children in elementary and middle school. They summarize the current guidelines and recommendations for child nutrition, as well as statistics on the number of children in the United States who have a healthy diet (based on statistics from the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics). The authors also discuss the consequences of an unhealthy diet for children. To address these issues, the authors provide information for schools and out-of-school time (OST) programs about how to measure child nutrition. This information includes the names of child weight loss programs that have been shown to have positive impacts on children's nutrition. The brief includes the names and Internet addresses for additional resources on child nutrition.

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