A Policy Platform to Promote Health and Success among Young Families

Kahn, A.,
Reeg, B.
Paper/Research Report
Year Published: 2009
Healthy Teen Network
Annie E. Casey Foundation

This report is the result of a yearlong process undertaken by Healthy Teen Network to identify the most pressing challenges facing young families today and the federal programs that are currently, or could be, responsive to those needs. The authors first turned to network members, including the Young Families Committee and Policy Committee, for input on the pressing challenges for young families. They also drew from a Behavior-Determinant-Intervention (BDI) logic model created by Healthy Teen Network that outlines interventions designed to achieve certain developmental goals for young families, including academic preparation, sexual health, job readiness, financial stability, and healthy relationships and parenting skills. Finally, they solicited input from a Young Families Policy Advisory Group composed of experts in the fields of adolescent health and youth policy. The authors distilled input from these sources into seven key life domains, and then matched these life domains with relevant federal policy and programs, identified gaps, and developed recommendations to create new law or amend current law or public policy. The results of their work are presented in the seven main sections of this report: Health and Human Services, Housing, Education, Workforce and Life Skills Development, Child Welfare and Development, Income Security, and Knowledge Development and Transfer.

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