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Multiple Purposes for Measuring Quality in Early Childhood Settings: Implications for Collecting and Communicating Information on Quality

Zaslow, M.,
Tout, K.,
Halle, T.,
Forry, N.
Year Published: 2009
Issue Brief
Child Trends
Child Trends

As states and communities invest in initiatives to improve the quality of early care and education, the measurement of quality is becoming more widespread and the importance of measuring quality well is gaining increasing attention, say the authors of this brief. Within the broad context of interest in improving quality, this report differentiates among a number of specific purposes for measuring quality in early childhood settings, and to identify the implications of these differing purposes for the careful and appropriate measurement of quality. The brief: (1) reviews previous research that highlights the importance of identifying the purposes of measurement, (2) distinguishes among different purposes for conducting assessments of quality in early childhood settings, (3) discusses the need for precaution when assessments seek to address multiple purposes at once, and (4) raises implications for developing future measures. Modified Author Abstract.

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