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Male Social Workers in Child Welfare: A Qualitative Analysis

Warde, B.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2009
Child Welfare League of America
Child Welfare 88(4); 113-133: 2009
Child Welfare League of America

Male social workers who practice in child welfare are in the minority, says this author, yet a growing body of literature suggests they have a potentially important contribution to make to child welfare practice. In this article, he reports on an exploratory study conducted with a cohort of male social workers (N = 17) who practice in child welfare. Participants were asked about how they came to work in child welfare, their experiences in child welfare, and their perceived contributions to child welfare practice. The findings revealed that among other things, participants experience a high level of satisfaction with their role. Moreover, they believe they have made significant contributions to child welfare practice, including having challenged the stereotype that child welfare is the exclusive responsibility of women. The authors briefly discuss the implications for encouraging more male social workers to practice in child welfare. Modified Author Abstract.

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