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How Program Administrators Can Support Out-Of-chool Time Staff - Part 4 in a Series on Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Out-of-School Time Programs: The Role of Organizational Context and External Influences

Collins, A.,
Metz, A. J. R.
Year Published: 2009
Research to Results Brief
Child Trends
Child Trends

Despite the need for additional research, there is emerging consensus in the field that supportive program managers, referred to as facilitative administrators, are a necessary component of effective out-of-school time programs. Facilitative administrators ensure that the program procedures, environment, and staff are conducive for promoting positive program outcomes. The limited empirical research in the out-of-school time field suggests that the critical elements of effective program administration are leadership, staff support, data-driven decision making, and a positive organizational culture and climate. In this brief, the authors summarize these findings and offer recommendations for facilitative administrators in out-of-school time programs.

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