Homelessness and Violence Against Women: Inside and Outside of New York City

The Institute for Children and Poverty
Fact Sheet
Year Published: 2009
The Institute for Children and Poverty
The Institute for Children and Poverty

This fact sheet presents basic information about homelessness and violence against women in New York City and across the nation. In New York City, over 95 percent of homeless parents are women. The typical homeless parent is a poor, unemployed, single woman in her twenties with two children. Seventy percent of homeless women report a history of childhood emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, and 63 percent report experiencing violence as adults. Across the nation, intimate partners committed 20 percent of all violent crime against women in 2001. Women most likely to experience intimate partner violence (IPV) were those aged 20 to 24, those living in poverty, those separated from their spouses, and those renting their housing. The impact of IPV is far-reaching and tends to create roadblocks for low-income families seeking safe, affordable housing.

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