Healing the Hurt: Trauma-Informed Approaches to the Health of Boys and Young Men of Color

Rich, J.
Corbin, T.
Bloom, S.
Rich, L.
Evans, S.
Wilson, A.
Year Published: 2009
Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice, Drexel University School of Public Health
October 2009, 86 pages.
The California Endowment

This paper was commissioned by The California Endowment to inform their Building Healthy Communities strategic plan. It is intended to promote understanding of the role of trauma and adversity in the lives of Latino and African American boys and young men, and to examine trauma-informed approaches to improving their health. The project is founded on the understanding that trauma and adversity have a direct impact on health, and that African-American and Latino young men are disproportionately affected by various forms of trauma and adversity. In this report, the authors identify, analyze, and synthesize existing knowledge about the health status of boys and men of color across disciplines, and interpret it through the lens of trauma. They also identify promising trauma-informed models and approaches to addressing the needs of boys and young men of color across key health and human services systems, including health care, foster care and child welfare, and juvenile justice. One chapter is devoted to the Sanctuary Model, a trauma-informed informed method for creating an organizational culture in which healing can occur. Modified Author Abstract.

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