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Expanding 4-H Horizons Livestock Leader Guides

Hart, D.,
Lamm, A.,
Cecil, C.,
Wilson, J.,
Kaysen, B.
Year Published: 2009
Journal Article
National Association of Extension 4-H Agents
Journal of Youth Development, Bridging Research and Practice, 4(2); 83-87: Summer 2009; Article 090402PA001
Oregon State University

The Expanding 4-H Horizons Swine Leaders Guide is a 4-H leader's livestock guide that has been developed as the beginning of a set of four that will include Beef, Sheep and Goat projects. The curriculum is designed to empower volunteer leaders by supplying knowledge and interactive activities that can increase their confidence levels when leading livestock projects. The guides can also enhance youth experiences while allowing for volunteer success. During the 2007-08 4-H year, the Expanding 4-H Horizons Swine Leader Guide was piloted in eight counties across three states. These counties varied both geographically and demographically. The curriculum was utilized in several different settings including club programming, clinics, and meat quality assurance classes. A survey was created to capture the effectiveness of the curriculum across this diverse clientele. The results will be used to revise, enhance and improve the current swine leader's guide and to create the future guides for beef, sheep andgoat projects.

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