National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

The Cost of Quality Out-of-School-Time Programs

Grossman, J. B.,
Lind, C.,
Hayes, C.,
McMaken, J.,
Gersick, A.
Year Published: 2009
Paper/Research Report
Public/Private Ventures
Public/Private Ventures

The authors of this 106-page report consider the cost of operating a high-quality after-school or summer program. In general, they concluded that there is no "right" answer. The authors found that cost varies substantially, depending on the characteristics of the participants, the goals of the program, who operates the program, and where it is located. The authors' study is based on detailed cost data collected from 111 out-of-school-time (OST) programs in six cities: Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, New York and Seattle. Their cost analysis is based on both cash outlays and the value of non-monetary contributions including physical space and volunteer time. These non-monetary contributions make up on average nearly twenty-percent of OST programming costs. The goal of this study is to allow decision-makers to better asses different types of programs and the communities they serve, as well as to clarify debates surrounding reimbursement rates for OST programs and other funding issues. This report (part of a series on the costs of OST programs and their community supports) includes cost averages and ranges for many common types of programs; the Internet version includes an online calculator.

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