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Child Welfare Employee Recruitment and Retention: An Organizational Culture Perspective

Agbenyiga, D. L.
Year Published: 2009
Journal Article
Child Welfare League of America
Child Welfare, 88(6): 85-108, 2009
Child Welfare League of America

In this cross-sectional study, the author investigated the effect of organizational culture (OC) on child welfare employee (CWE) recruitment and retention (N=92). She also introduced and examined the validity of a new instrument, the organizational culture inventory (OCI), in child welfare retention research. Findings from quantitative analyses support the effect of OC on CWE recruitment and retention and reveal the existence of two pathways to employment recruitment: one through perception of satisfaction as a member of the organization, and one through perception of fit in the organization. The findings also indicate that humanistic-encouraging and self-actualizing culture norms in the organization are more likely to be associated with employee recruitment and retention, while passive/defensive culture and aggressive/defensive culture do not predict either employee recruitment and retention or turnover and intent to leave. The findings do not support demographic factors as predictors of employeerecruitment, retention, or intent to remain.

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