Child Health and Young Adult Outcomes Executive Summary

Currie, J.,
Stabile, M.,
Manivong, P.,
Roos, L. L.
Executive Summary
Year Published: 2009
Partnership for America's Economic Success (PAES)
Partnership for America's Economic Success (PAES)

In this executive summary, the authors highlight their findings regarding the impact of major childhood health problems on future adult outcomes. (See AN 17996 for the full report). They used data from public health insurance records for 50,000 children born between 1979 and 1987 in the Canadian province of Manitoba and followed until 2006, when they were young adults. They compared the impacts of health problems at different ages, and examined the consequences of different types of health problems including asthma, major injuries, externalizing mental health conditions, and other major conditions. The results suggest that many physical health problems in early life are significant predictors of future adult outcomes, largely because poor health in childhood predicts poor health in young adulthood. The authors conclude, overall, that poor health in childhood may be a significant source of socioeconomic disparities in adulthood.

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