Addressing the Internal and External Barriers to Learning and Teaching (Louisiana's Comprehensive Learning Supports System: The Design Document)

Louisiana Department of Education
Paper/Research Report
Year Published: 2009
Louisiana Department of Education
Louisiana Department of Education

This 24-page document is part of an initiative of the Louisiana State Department of Education (DOE) to address barriers to learning and teaching. The initiative is built around the concept of a Comprehensive Learning Supports System (CLSS). The authors introduce the document by identifying the goals of the Louisiana educational system, barriers that work against students, and past efforts at meeting these barriers. They then describe what a Comprehensive Learning Supports System is and what this comprehensive, cohesive approach looks like. In the next section, the authors frame the operational infrastructure for a CLSS, developing a picture of where the educational system currently is within this framework, and where they would like it to eventually be. They highlight essentials for the success of the Louisiana CLSS, including policy support for accountability. The publication includes numerous appendices addressing topics such as classroom-based approaches, family engagement, community support, crisis assistance and prevention, and student and family interventions. The publication also includes numerous tables and flowcharts to demonstrate the functions and processes of a CLSS.

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