Who Pays the Price? Assessment of Youth Involvement in Prostitution in Seattle

Boyer, D.
Report (44 pages)
Year Published: 2008
Boyer Research
City of Seattle, Human Services Department, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Division

In 2007 a series of articles about a youth arrested for prostitution led a group of concerned stakeholders to work toward an improved coordinated community response to assist youth in prostitution. As part of this effort, the City of Seattle's Human Services Department's Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Division commissioned this Assessment of Youth in Prostitution. Data were collected through 32 interviews with service providers, law enforcement, and public officials, as well as group interviews, service provider surveys, case file checklists, and key informant interviews with 5 women who were survivors of prostitution. This report presents the findings, including: 1) estimates of the number of youth (18 and younger) involved in prostitution and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation in Seattle and outlying areas, 2) trends and patterns in adolescent commercial sexual exploitation, 3) service utilization and service gaps, 4) coordination of responses by community-based providers and criminal justice entities, and 5) recommendations for service models and interventions.

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