Motivational Interviewing as a Mechanism for Change in Men Who Batter: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Kistenmacher, B. R.,
Weiss, R. L.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2008
Springer Publishing Company
Violence and Victims 23(5):558-570
University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

These authors investigated the potential effectiveness of motivational interviewing (MI) for increasing readiness to change violent behavior and decreasing external blame among battering men. MI is an intervention that is tailored to the individual's level of motivation, while facilitating movement through the stages of change. In this study, 33 domestic violence offenders who were court-mandated to treatment were randomly assigned to MI or a control condition before attending their first mandated treatment group. Consistent with predictions, the MI group demonstrated generally more improvement on stages of change subscales than the control group. Further, the MI group demonstrated a significantly greater decrease in the extent to which they blamed their violence on external factors. The findings suggest that MI has the potential to increase batterers' motivation to change, although validation trials with larger sample sizes and more refined measures are required. Modified Author Abstract.

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