Exploring Youth Development With Diverse Children: Correlates of Risk, Health, and Thriving Behaviors

Smith, L. H.,
Barker, E.
Journal Article.
Year Published: 2008
Wiley InterScience
Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, 14(1):12-21, January 2009.
Ohio State University College of Nursing, Columbus, Ohio

These authors explored the relationships between internal and external assets, risk behaviors, health behaviors, and thriving behaviors in diverse children. Using data for 61 sixth graders from two schools in the same urban school district (52.5 percent Black, 6.6 percent white, 21.3 percent multiethnic), they tested the strength of relationships between measures as well as differences between group means based on gender, grades earned, and school. Results show that few assets were related to substance use. Assets were related to delinquency acts, health behaviors, and thriving indicators. Some group differences were found based on school attended, grades earned, gender, and total number of assets. The authors discuss the implications for nurses who perform assessments and design interventions to support youths in their maturation processes. Modified Author Abstract.

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