A Comparison of Women Versus Men Charged With Intimate Partner Violence: General Risk Factors, Attitudes Regarding Using Violence, and Readiness to Change

Simmons, C. A.,
Lehmann, P.,
Cobb, N.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2008
Springer Publishing Company
Violence and Victims 23(5):571-585
University of Tennessee, College of Social Work, Knoxville, TN

In this descriptive study, the authors seek to broaden empirical understanding about women charged with intimate partner violence. They compared a sample of women in a domestic violence diversion program (N = 78) to a matched sample of men (N = 78) in the same program on measurements of general risk factors, attitudes toward using violence, and readiness to change. Findings indicate that the women charged with intimate partner violence are a heterogeneous group, endorse risk factors that show an elevated likelihood they will continue to use violence, demonstrate a high level of tolerance for using violence in their relationship, and may be highly amenable to treatment opportunities. The authors conclude with the implications for domestic violence treatment programs.

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