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World Youth Report 2005: Young People Today, and in 2015

United Nations
Year Published: 2005
Paper/Research Report
United Nations
United Nations

In 1995, the United Nations General Assembly adopted ten areas of policy priority in the "World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and Beyond," and it identified five additional areas of concern in 2003. This second edition of the World Youth Report reviews the major developments and progress achieved in the 15 priority areas. Unlike the first edition, however, it groups the areas into three clusters that reflect a somewhat broader focus on youth in a global economy, youth in civil society, and youth at risk. Each of the three sections of the Report focuses on a particular cluster and includes a brief review of all the priorities it encompasses, as well as a more detailed examination and analysis of one topic of particular relevance. The topic highlighted in Part I is poverty among young people in its various dimensions. Part II examines some of the dramatic changes occurring in relation to young people's social and cultural development, and Part III highlights the impact of conflict on young people.

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