Violent Girls Who Bully: Including a Story of Three Girls

Jackson, D.
Book, 214 pages
Year Published: 2005
Aardvark Self Publishing
Heartland Center for Professional Development

This book addresses the problem of girls who bully and commit violent acts. In Part I, the author explores questions about gender differences in bullying and other violent behavior, and the dynamics and seriousness of girl bullying and violence. He also shows the far-reaching and devastating consequences of bullying through interviews women who are in prison for murder and other crimes. In Part II, the author presents composite case histories of three fictionalized girls. These scenarios are based upon actual cases of juvenile and adult female offenders, research in the field, and the author's 45-years of professional work with youth and adults in corrections, mental health, and education. The cases follow the development of the three fictional girls from childhood to their incarceration in a closed female juvenile facility. Part III is a series of chapters for the different kinds of adult helpers in girls' lives, including parents and grandparents, educators, corrections workers, and mental health workers. Part IV discusses intervention methods and strategies that have proved effective for girls and bullies.

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