National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Staff Recruitment, Retention, and Training Strategies for Community Human Services Organizations

Larson, S. A.,
Hewitt, A. S.
Year Published: 2005
Book, 386 pages
Paul H Brooks Publishing Co., Inc.
Paul H Brooks Publishing Co., Inc.

Recruitment, retention, and training are three of the most challenging issues facing community human services organizations, say these authors. In this book, they show how to address these challenges to ensure that organizations are staffed with dedicated, motivated direct support professionals. Each chapter focuses on a critical workforce issue and lists specific competencies that managers and supervisors should develop to address that issue. The authors include chapters on finding and hiring employees, socializing and training employees, motivating and supporting employees, assessing problems and designing solutions, and promoting legislative and policy change. They include advice on strengthening skills through mentoring programs, building effective teams, fostering diversity and cultural competence, and navigating organizational change.

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