National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

The Spectrum of Outreach: The Range of Options for Reaching Out

Fest, J.
Year Published: 2005
Paper/Research Report
The InterNetwork for Youth
The InterNetwork for Youth

This author suggests that outreach efforts may become confused due to the belief that 'outreach' describes a single type of activity. In fact, he says, outreach may be a variety of options ranging from radio spots to rape counseling in squats. In this paper, the author strives to make efforts more effective by helping to clarify a program's focus. Toward that end, he offers three 'tiers' of outreach as guidelines: 1st Tier - Outreach, 2nd Tier - Street Outreach, and 3rd Tier - Streetwork. He briefly describes and compares the three tiers in terms of the focus, goals, methods, and locations of service provision, as well as the skills and training that the outreach worker may need. The author also discusses the influence of the environment in which outreach is provided (urban or rural) when considering the range of options for reaching out.

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