A Needed Transition: Lessons from Illinois about Teen Parent TANF Rules

Hummel, L.,
Levin-Epstein, J.
Issue Brief
Year Published: 2005
Center for Law and Social Policy
CLASP Publication No. 05-32
Center for Law and Social Policy

TANF legislation includes two rules specific to minor parents (parents under age 18). One rule requires that minor parents live in an approved arrangement, usually with their parents. The other rule requires that minor parents typically participate in education leading to a high school diploma or GED. The authors of this 23-page Issue Brief review how Illinois approached eligibility under the two minor parent rules. They explore why and how Illinois moved forward with a transitional compliance administrative rule. The authors also examine the effect the rule has had notably that the process led to a better understanding of minor parents' individual circumstances and thus led to fewer inappropriate denials. Modified Author Abstract.

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