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Moving Out and Moving On: Guide for Female Teens and Their Mothers

Hayes, B.
Year Published: 2005
Book, 158 pahes
Milligan Books, Inc.
Milligan Books, Inc.

When her 17-year-old daughter was preparing to leave for college, Brenda Hayes wondered if she had sufficiently prepared her teen for the real world. She wondered if her daughter would be able to bounce back from the mistakes she would make. But Hayes also knew that she had to let go at some point. So she decided to write her daughter about some of life's lessons. Hayes wanted her daughter to take a part of her when she went off to college. She hoped her words would be a source of strength not only for her daughter, but also for other young women out on their own for the first time. Using an informal, conversational style, Hayes offers advice on dating, friends, self-esteem, "reality checks," money, self-preservation, character, smart thinking, being prepared, avoiding negativity, having faith, and more. She also provides important hotline phone numbers, helpful hints, money saving ideas, and cheap health and beauty secrets at the end of the book.

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