National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Monitoring the Future National Results on Adolescent Drug Use: Overview of Key Findings, 2004

Johnston, L. D.,
O'Malley, P. M.,
Bachman, J. G.,
Schulenberg, J. E.
Report Summary
Year Published: 2005
Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan
NIH Publication No. 05-5726
National Institute on Drug Abuse

The authors of this 66-page publication provide a concise review of the findings of the Monitoring the Future Study and a comparison of data from previous years. The authors begin with a synopsis of the methods used in the study and an overview of the key results for 2004. They then provide a section for each individual drug class, providing figures that show trends in the overall proportions of students at each grade level (a) using it; (b) seeing a "great risk associated with its use; (c) disapproving its use; and (d) saying that they could get the drug "fairly easily" or "very easily." The authors identify trends for the interval 1991-2004 for all grades and for 1975-2004 for the twelfth graders. Tables at the end of the report provide the statistics underlying the figures; in addition, they present data on lifetime, annual, 30-day, and (for selected drugs) daily prevalence. Modified Author Abstract.

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