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"I Love Ballet": Arts Incentives for Adolescent Health and Community Development

Fliegel, L. S.
Year Published: 2005
Journal Article
Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
New Directions for Youth Development, No 106:49-60, Summer 2005
Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

The author of this article explains that art therapy can be a community- linked treatment, integrating the knowledge of diagnostic categories and symptomatology with a therapeutic response grounded in theories of adolescent mental health. She describes the Arts Incentives Program (AIP) at the United South End Settlements (USES). AIP is a clinically informed, arts-based, youth and community development program working with high-risk girls ages eleven to nineteen in Boston. The author chronicles the history of AIP, and shares personal stories of people involved in and changed through the program. She also writes about how the program has been adapted and implemented in other communities.

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