Fighting the Monster: Teens Write About Confronting Emotional Issues and Getting Help

Desetta, A. (editor)
Book (232 pages)
Year Published: 2005
Youth Communication/NY Center, Inc.
Youth Communication/NY Center, Inc.

In this book, teens provide direct and honest accounts of how they cope with adversity. Their stories offer insight into the ways they deal with contemporary problems and how they view the professionals who try to help them. The narratives are intended for use with other teens, to help them cope more effectively with emotional challenges in their own lives. The 39 stories cover a wide range of emotional challenges, including anger, racial identity, substance abuse, cutting oneself, rape, abuse and neglect, homophobia, domestic violence, divorce, depression, foster care, stigma, and promiscuity. Professionals can select stories that are relevant to each teen or group they are working with. Chapters 1 and 2 focus on personal and family struggles, while Chapters 3, 4, and 5 deal with how teens got help for their problems through informal support, self-help, and professional help. Stories in these chapters include "Think About It" questions designed to prompt reflection on major themes. Chapter 6 contains interviews by teens with mental health professionals on the emotional challenges described in the stories and how to deal with them, and Chapter 7 has a guide to getting professional help and a glossary of mental health terms.

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