10 Ways To Fight Hate on Campus: A Response Guide for College Activists

Willoughby, B.
Year Published: 2004
Southern Poverty Law Center
Southern Poverty Law Center

Members of the Southern Poverty Law Center (the Center) spent more than two years investigating hate crimes and bias incidents on college campuses. After examining hundreds of cases involving thousands of students, they found that although administrators, faculty and staff are vital players in any response, it is the student activist who makes the most difference. This Guide is a result of that study. In it, the author presents ten ways that student activists can battle hate on college campuses. The ten ways are: (1) rise up; (2) pull together; (3) speak out; (4) support the victims; (5) name it and know it; (6) understand the media; (7) know your campus; (8) teach tolerance; (9) maintain momentum; and (10) pass the torch. For each of the ten areas, the author presents case examples, personal challenges, and specific ways to put that principle into action. This includes tips on working with the media (including the school newspaper), public awareness campaigns, developing official statements, and more. Facts about campus hate crimes run like a stock ticker across the bottom of every page of the Guide. Descriptions and contact information for numerous resources are included at the end of the Guide.

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