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Yes, Your Teen is Crazy! Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind

Bradley, M. J.
Book, 332 pages
Year Published: 2003
Harbor Press, Inc.
Harbor Press, Inc.

The author created this book as a "survival guide" for parents raising a new-millenium adolescent. There are three main parts. In Part One, the author provides background on the adolescent brain, focusing on recent findings that offer explanations for their "insane behavior" and have implications for how to best help them survive adolescence. In Part Two, he explains what this new information says about parents' behavior - that parent training is obsolete and being what you thought was a good parent actually can create problems for at-risk teens. In Part Three, the author draws on the foundation presented in the first two parts to put it all together, offering field-tested strategies for effectively parenting adolescents. He includes "10 Commandments" of parenting a teen as well as guidelines for specific behavior problems and issues such as making and enforcing rules, balancing safety with privacy, surviving teen rage, handling suspected drug use, and talking about sex and dating.

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