Prevention opportunities in health care settings

Johnson, S. B.,
Millstein, S. G.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2003
American Psychological Association
American Psychologist, 58(6-7):475-481, June-July 2003.
Florida State University College of Medicine University of California, San Francisco

Psychologists have an opportunity to offer their expertise at a time when health care settings are beginning to recognize the importance of behaviorally based interventions for improving health and health care. In this article, the authors review the changing patterns of health and illness that have led to an increased interest in the behavioral aspects of health and health care, and discuss the many advantages of using health care settings as prevention sites. They present examples of successful behaviorally based prevention programs and review the evidence suggesting that such programs can be cost-effective, even in the short term. They also consider the barriers and challenges to offering prevention services in health care settings. Throughout their discussion, the authors emphasize the multiple opportunities for psychologists' involvement across a wide variety of health care delivery sites. Modified Author Abstract.

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