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My Changing Body: Fertility Awareness for Young People

Knebel, E.
Paper/Research Report
Year Published: 2003
Institute for Reproductive Health of Georgetown University
Cooperative Agreements HRN-A-00-97-00011-00 to the Institute for Reproductive Health, CCP-A-00-95-00022-02 to Family Health International, and GPH-A-00-01-00013-00 to Family Health International/YouthNet from the U.S. Agency for International Develop

This manual is a sexuality education tool that focuses on fertility awareness. It is designed for adults who teach young people about human
development and fertility, including youth group leaders, religious instructors, school teachers, and others who regularly meet with and instruct young people. The manual starts with general recommendations for conducting the course, deciding whether to separate boys and girls, choosing a location, and preparing parents. These are followed by the six teaching sessions, each devoted to a particular topic: (1) Puberty: My Body, My Self, (2) Female and Male Fertility, (3) Combining Female and Male Fertility: Fertilization, (4) Concerns about My Fertility: Female and Male Group Discussions, (5) Hygiene and Puberty, and (6) Review. Each session includes a list of needed materials, directions for preparing for the session, a schedule to guide the length of the session, steps and activities that comprise the lesson, possible questions and answers, extra activities for reinforcement, and session content. At the end of the manual are a glossary of important words and a list of additional resources.

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