High School After-School: What Is It? What Might It Be? Why Is It Important?

Pittman, K.,
Yohalem, N.,
Wilson-Ahlstrom, A.,
Ferber, T.
Year Published: 2003
The Forum For Youth Investment Is A Division Of Impact Strategies, Inc.
Out-Of-School Time Policy Commentary # 2
The Forum For Youth Investment Is A Division Of Impact Strategies, Inc.

High school is becoming the next frontier for after-school advocates, say the authors of this issue of the "Out-of-School Time Policy Commentary" series. There are significant differences between programming for elementary and middle school students and programming for high school students, and there are huge marketing challenges. The authors explain that arguing persuasively for investments in this population requires revisiting almost every strategic decision, from public education to policy framing to partnership development. To support policy makers, program leaders and advocates in making decisions related to high school after-school, the authors address some basic but important questions, including what young people do after school, what keeps them from being engaged in after-school programs, how to motivate high-school students to participate, and why after-school programs at the high school level should be considered a timely investment. The authors chronicle conversations with Kathy Lewis, deputy superintendent for Child, Youth and Family Services in the California Department of Education, and Milbrey McLaughlin of Stanford University, to help illustrate and bridge the policy and research perspectives on high school programming. Modified Author Abstract.

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