National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

After-School For All? Exploring Access and Equity In After-School Programs

Pittman, K.,
Wilson-Ahlstrom, A.,
Yohalem, N.
Year Published: 2003
The Forum For Youth Investment Is A Division Of Impact Strategies, Inc.
Out-Of-School Time Policy Commentary # 4
The Forum For Youth Investment Is A Division Of Impact Strategies, Inc.

While significant progress has occurred over the past several years regarding the expansion of the quantity and quality of after-school opportunities, say the authors of this issue of the "Out-of-School Time Policy Commentary" series, the ambitious idea of "after-school for all" remains a distant goal. The authors push beyond some of the numbers to take a close look at questions related to access and equity, in order to surface tensions and share concrete recommendations for addressing concerns at the policy and program levels, drawing heavily on new data from California Tomorrow, an organization dedicated to creating a more equitable, inclusive, and multicultural society, and a handful of other reports and studies. The authors address questions including whether there is equal access to and equity in after-school programs, and how program planners and policymakers can address access and equity challenges. Modified Author Abstract.

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