National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Father Facts, Fourth Edition

Horn, W. F.,
Sylvester, T.
Year Published: 2002
Paper/Research Report
National Fatherhood Initiative
National Fatherhood Initiative

In this 182-page report, the authors present facts about fathers and fatherhood in the United States in a wide variety of areas. In the first section of the report, they present trends in fatherlessness, beginning with a discussion of attitudes about fatherhood and fatherlessness. Within this section, the authors present detailed statistics in the areas of father absence, single-parent families, out-of-wedlock childbearing, divorce, child custody, child support, stepfamilies, cohabitation, non-resident fathers, unwed fathers, teen fathers, incarcerated fathers, and single fatherhood. In the next section of the report, the authors present statistics on father time and the family-work conflict, specifically examining the issues of each of these two aspects, including attitudes, child care, and consequences. The subject of the third report section is the consequences of father absence for children. In this section, the authors provide in-depth statistics on child abuse, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, education, emotional and behavioral problems, physical health, poverty, and sexual activity. In contrast, Part IV presents findings on the positive effects of father presence. In this section, the authors describe attitudes about positive father involvement, predictors of father involvement, the positive impact of father involvement on child well-being and on the men themselves. Differences in maternal and paternal behavior is the subject of the fifth section, while marriage is the subject of the sixth (including attitudes, facts, and the impact on parenting and well- being). Adoption is the subject of Part Seven. "Father facts" are presented in Section Eight, while international "father facts" are presented in the ninth section. The report contains countless statistics within the text, along with 25 supporting tables of data and 15 figures.

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