National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Step by Step! A Young Person's Guide to Positive Community Change

Mosaic Youth Center
Year Published: 2001
Search Institute
Annie E. Casey Foundation

In this 95-page Workbook, the authors present information and materials for youth who want to get more involved in their communities. The workbook is divided into six chapters, each of which describes a step toward positive community change. In the first chapter, the authors present ideas for issues to take on and provide tools for helping youth figure out what is most important to them and their communities. The second chapter stresses the importance of teamwork, and contains tips for recruiting and building a team. In the third chapter, the authros help youth put together a plan, and in the fourth chapter, they help youth put that plan into action. The fifth chapter addresses the issue of project evaluation, including ways to improvee on the plan going forward. The final step is to celebrate the work that has been accomplished. The Workbook contains numerous reproducible worksheets. It concludes with a list of Search Institute's 40 developmental assets.

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