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Trauma History and Symptoms

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Childhood Trauma Questionnaire: A Retrospective Self-Report

Trauma History and Symptoms

  • 12 years and older
  • screens adolescent and adult clients for histories of trauma, including child abuse and neglect
  • 5 mins. testing time
  • paper-based; hand-scored
  • useful with individuals with broad range of psychiatric symptoms including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, eating disorders, addictions, suicide attempts, personality disorders and sexual problems



Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children (TSCC)

Trauma History and Symptoms

  • 8-16 years
  • 8-year-old reading level
  • evaluates acute and chronic symptoms of posttraumatic stress and related psychological symptoms including the effects of child abuse (sexual, physical, and psychological) and neglect, other interpersonal violence, witnessing trauma to others, major accidents, and disasters
  • 15-20 mins. testing time
  • available in several formats: paper-based and software-based
  • alternate 44-item version, TSCC-A, makes no reference to sexual issues
  • available in Spanish



Trauma Symptom Inventory-2 (TSI-2)

Trauma History and Symptoms

  • 18-88 years
  • evaluates posttraumatic stress and other psychological symptoms resulting from traumatic events, including the effects of sexual and physical assault, intimate partner violence, combat, torture, motor vehicle accidents, mass casualty events, medical trauma, traumatic losses, and childhood abuse or neglect
  • 20 mins. testing time
  • several formats available: paper-based and software-based
  • available in Spanish