Life Skills/Independent Living

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Casey Life Skills Assessment (CLSA)

Life Skills / Independent Living

  • 14-21 years
  • designed for use with youth engaged in systems of care
  • additional free assessments address special populations:
    • pregnant and parenting youth
    • education assessments for grades 4-12 and college
    • GLBTQ youth
    • American Indians
    • homeless youth
    • ages 8-13 with developmental and/or reading challenges
  • assesses life skills youth need for their well-being, confidence and safety as they navigate high school, postsecondary education, employment, and other life milestones
  • 30-40 mins. testing time



Daniel Memorial Independent Living Skills Assessment (DMILSA) Version 10 (ILS26V10)

Life Skills / Independent Living

  • 14 years and older
  • youth engaged in systems of care
  • assesses youths’ independent living skills in 16 subject areas
  • 35-45 mins. testing time
  • several formats available: paper-based and  software-based
  • after assessment, software creates detailed skill plans and transition plans



Self-Sufficiency Matrix

Life Skills / Independent Living

  • adults
  • assesses an adult’s current level of self-sufficiency
  • paper-based; hand-scored
  • 25  stand-alone scales
    • any combination of scales can be used
    • each scale on a continuum of ‘in crisis’ to thriving’

Information not available


Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Second Edition


Life Skills / Independent Living

  • birth-90 years
  • students, youth and adults who may have learning or developmental challenges
  • students at all levels of learning/behavior development
  • measures personal and social skills needed for everyday living, and supports the diagnosis of intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • 20-60 mins. testing time for Survey Interview and Parent/Caregiver Rating Forms
  • 25-90 mins. testing time for Expanded Interview Form
  • 20 mins. testing time for Teacher Rating Form
  • available in several formats: paper-based and software-based
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)[2] Levels 2 and 3
  • av