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National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families


Aftercare: Staying in Touch With Youth After They Have Left the System

Photo of young man with smart phone

The Family and Youth Service Bureau's runaway and homeless youth programs provide youth with systems of support from short-term basic needs in their Basic Center and Street Outreach Programs to longer term care in their Transitional Living Programs. FYSB standards require each grantee to also have an aftercare program for youth after they leave the system that may consist of directing them to other community-based, housing or government services, and providing counseling before they exit the temporary shelter program. Many programs go one step further and maintain contact with youth long after they have "graduated." This publication explores and highlights programs that have successful aftercare components and go steps beyond the requirements to maintain contact with youth after they have left the system. It also provides tips to youth and for grantees to assist youth in having a successful transitional to adult independent living.